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The importance of Counterparty risk evaluation and investigation can never be over emphasised, more so in the maritime sector. The lack of counter party verification in today's fragile markets often leads to enormous financial repercussions for companies.


Aeghiscorp's maritime intelligence unit provides maritime & corporate intelligence and background verification services out of India, known to be an exceedingly complex jurisdiction. Our strong team and network can access information, not easily available in the public domain.



- Background verification

- Credit worthiness checks

- Fraud detection


Aeghiscorp assists clients in mitigating their risk by providing discreet, pre-emptive intelligence in broadly three stages:


(i) prior to formal engagement - to detect authenticity of disclosed information.

(ii) during the course of business relations - to ascertain adherence of contract terms.

(iii) after disputes arise - to assess the counterparty's financial capability prior commencement of arbitration or judicial proceedings.


We understand that our clients have reposed their faith in us to handle commercially sensitive matters. Aeghiscorp has a strict policy to protect client confidentiality and strong internal measures to prevent misuse of data.




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